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Azienda Vaccaro Winery
Azienda Vaccaro Winery

The Azienda Vitivinicola of the Vaccaro family is located in western Sicily in the Valle Belice. The municipality of Salaparuta, where the winery is located, was marked by the great earthquake in 1968. A short time later, Giacomo Vaccaro began to build its winery in its present form in 1970. As is customary in Sicily, the whole family helped him and so it is not surprising that the winery is still a pure family business today. In Valle Belice there has been viticulture since the Phoenicians, who brought this and other culture to southern Italy at the time. Just as it was certainly already worked according to the criteria of organic farming, the Vaccaros have regained their natural methods of agriculture and are following their passion with great commitment.

Salaparuta is located in the upper part of Valle Belice with its chalky soils and its own microclimate. Thanks to these special conditions and the commitment of the few winegrowers around the modern village, it is finally defined a few years ago for the wines of Salaparuta, the DOP Salaparuta.Without many frills, decent, straight wines are made here. The grape varieties are essentially the traditional ones such as Nero d’Avola and the white Catarratto and Grillo. A wine assortment of sympathetic down-to-earthness!

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