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Azul Y Garanza Winery
Azul Y Garanza Winery

A small romantic place with a bizarre weathering backdrop is Carcastillo in the far Northwest of Navarre. The winery and its recent history are just as romantic.

Antonio Barrena Belzenegui was lucky when he was offered the disused winery of the local cooperative for sale a few years ago. He bought the house with all the facilities. Maria Belzenegui and her friend Dani Sanchez, an oenologist at Mas Igneus Bodegas, began vinifying the grapes of their own vineyards and some purchased grapes. Both had studied viticulture and oenology in Barcelona, one of their most prominent teachers was Josep Maria Pujol from Bodegas Carmenet and a fascinating combination of work and love developed. The two young experts, who are dedicated to organic farming, are now supported by Fernando Belzenegui and fill wines with sensitivity and routine year after year.

No vintage is the same as the previous one, but the three always know how to extract the finest and best from the grapes of a vintage. All the more impressive because it is not a high-tech winery, but is used there with traditional furnishings and careful use of modern technology.

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