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Bodegas Proexa Winery
Bodegas Proexa Winery

The vineyards of José Luis Lopez and Javier Clemente are located in the mountains West of Valencia, in the small area of origin utiel-Requena. The two somewhat sleepy small towns of Utiel and Requena form the centre of the region with its characteristic red soils.

With low rainfall and low humidity, the microclimate there is excellently suited for organic wine growing. Without much care or even intervention, the grapes ripen easily even in more difficult years and the berries are always rich in aroma and alcohol potential. Thanks to the gentle hand-picking of the Tempranillo, Merlot and indigenous Bobal grapes from ancient vines, the harvest reaches the small traditional wine cellar unscathed and makes many tricks unneccessary even when working in the cellar. For example, Jose Luis and Javier have been working exclusively with natural yeasts for years, the strong red wines are stable and need only a minimum of extra sulphur.

When a few years ago, mostly young wine lovers were increasingly in demand for ‘natural’ wines, we all didn’t really know what exactly this meant. This has not yet been clarified in detail (2020), but in discussions with the two winegrowers it became clear to us just over two years ago that this is exactly what has been around in the Bodegas Proexa for many years: Natural wine without much frills. For Jose Luis  it was quickly clear that in addition to the well-known Vega Valterra wines, which are always low-sulphur and ‘natural’, we also get a wine without adding sulphur. Thus, the idea of Bobal was born from 85-year-old vines without sulphur additives, implemented with the 2017 vintage and immediately decorated with gold medal.

The Vega Valterra wines inspire with exciting and profound wines, which are anything but uniform and boring – and come with good and very good tasting results.

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