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Organic wineries
Organic wineries

Bodegas TEMPORE was born from the passion for wine enjoyed by the Yago Aznar family, which, following generations of viticulturists, has extensive knowledge of the vineyard and know that the quality of a wine must be based on excellent raw materials.

The winery was born in the year 2002, this year the facilities were inaugurated with the first Harvest. Our vineyards are cultivated handed over from parents to sons from over more than four generations. Old garnacha vines that coexist with modern plantations that have been incorporated to our estate, always following the same premise, the quality.
TEMPORE means Time, TEMPORE means Seedtime.

Seedtime for our vineyards, the best time of the soil, the awakening of spring.
Time for our wines, time to pamper their elaboration and time for their ageing.

Wines from this Vineyard

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