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Cave La Vigneronne Winery
Cave La Vigneronne Winery

Villedieu is located in the middle of the “Cétes du Rhone Village” area at the foot of Mont Ventoux. From here comes a large part of the best Rhone wines.

In the 1930s, the village’s 200 winegrowers joined forces to become the “Cave des Templiers” community cellar. Most of them see themselves as pure grape producers, winegrowers in the original sense. However, a small number of winegrowers became active at the end of the 1980s and began to think more about their work in the vineyard and the quality of the wines. The conversion to organic farming was logical but difficult for these winegrowers. Initially, they were ridiculed as green nutters in the village, but their success proved them right. The yields per hectare of organic winegrowers are lower at 45 hl/ha, but their vines have become more robust and the wine quality is excellent.

The Grenache grape plays the leading role in Villedieu, supplemented by Syrah and Cinsault. The terraced vineyards seem to consist mainly of smooth-cut pebbles of all sizes. Baked in deep yellow clay, the pebbles make soil cultivation a laborious affair. However, they also compensate for temperature fluctuations and release the sun heat to the vines well into the night.

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