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This was born as a result of the union between the cooperatives of San José de Ontur and San Isidro de Albatana. The strength of that union has a single objective, to improve the competition and commercialisation of the agricultural sector. Our Iberian and Roman ancestors, who inhabited these lands for centuries before us, already cultivated grapes and made wines. They were the origin of the tradition and culture of growing grapes and making wine in our land.
The quality of a good wine is not down to chance, it also requires the soil’s generosity, the complicity of the climate and the passion of our people. Our vineyards are located to the south-east of the Albacete province, in different locations situated between 400 and 900 metres above sea level. The altitude in which our vineyards are situated, as well as the soil types, gives our grape varieties the optimal characteristics and properties for creating our wines. Broad, generous wines, with traces of our soils which, as a result, give all our wines their own personality. Some of our cultivation areas are:
Today, at Bodegas Ontalba, the tradition, passion and efforts of generations of agriculturalists are combined with new concepts in grape cultivation, harvesting, selecting, and the production and ageing of the wine.

Wines from this Vineyard

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