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Nuova Cappelletta Winery
Nuova Cappelletta Winery

“Nuova Cappelletta” was, so to speak, the hobby of Adele Fracchia, daughter of a Turin industrial family. Through her interest in whole food she found access to anthroposophy and completely converted the Azienda, acquired in 1965, to biodynamic cultivation methods. A total of 220 ha is farmed, but only 36 ha is used for viticulture. In addition to viticulture, durum wheat for wholegrain paste is grown here and cattle breeding is extensive. The cattle are kept only in order to produce biodynamic applications for their own use and for almost all Demeter producers in Piedmont. The cattle are treated in a correspondingly friendly manner.
The wine-growing department is perfectly equipped. There is an in-house wine laboratory and an oenologist who supervises the cultivation and development of the wines. The cellar is fully equipped with stainless steel barrels, which protect the wine from reacting with atmospheric oxygen during fermentation and storage. This ‘reductive development’, which is especially necessary for the production of light, fresh white wines, also achieves astonishing results in red wines. The “Barbera del Monferrato” is modernly developed in this sense and, supported by the gentle carbonic acid fermentation, retains its particularly mild, low-tannin freshness and lightness and still tastes full and fruity. For many years, Alessandro Uslenghi, the son of Ms. Fracchia, has been running the estate and trying to develop his mother’s ideas and ideals. After a few years of experimentation, the Barbera SSA 500, vinified and bottled without sulphur additive, is always an excellent powerful wine with opulent fruit. No wine for eternity, but for 3-5 years certainly a gem for which the patient attempts were worthwhile.

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