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Pago Casa Gran Winery
Pago Casa Gran Winery

Carlos Laso specializes in the cultivation and cultivation of elegant wines. He bought vines in Alsace and planted them on the family estate in Moixent, near Valencia. Even from the rough Monastrell grape, he develops filigree and elegant wines. All its wines enchant with a very ripe, yet delicate and soft structure.
However, the foundation for his ’emotional’ wines is laid in the beautiful vineyards around the Casa Gran estate. Carlos works consistently with natural greening in the vineyard. These plants have a very early starting vegetation period and dry out almost completely in summer. The natural vegetation cycle is largely left behind, and the associated fauna and flora also have the chance to develop. The basis of this idea is to achieve the greatest possible natural balance in a cultural landscape. The crops also develop natural defences and their own character, which promotes the ripening of healthy and aromatic fruits – top grapes.

Casa Gran has been an EU-funded project to increase biodiversity for several years. As part of this, vine rows were removed at certain intervals and olive trees were planted instead. This mixed planting not only loosens the landscape, but also helps the ecological balance by providing breeding grounds for birds.
In addition to grapes, the Finca has always grown other agricultural products.

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