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Valle dell Asso Winery
Valle dell Asso Winery

The path of least resistance – always the best way?
The oenologist Elio Minola advocates a different philosophy. Elio Minola is responsible for the viticulture and development of the winery of the Azienda Valle dell’Asso, which is located far to the south, in Puglia, in the middle of the heel of the Italian boot.
His vines, he says, do not require artificial irrigation. They are “not spoiled” and seek their nutrients by letting their roots grow deep into the stony earth. Vines which are always artificially irrigated would have no reason to bother to go into the depths. This leads to the vines becoming comfortable and vulnerable. On top of that, water would be wasted because it quickly evaporates on the earth’s surface.

Healthy and robust vines have been growing around the cosy town of Galatina on the Valle dell’ Asso winery for decades. The oenologist Elio Minola and the owner Gino Vallone recently realised that they have always been engaged in organic and sustainable agriculture. They had all vineyards certified.

The southern Italian winegrowers do not always go the easiest way in this respect either. That makes them sympathetic!
The consistently above-average quality of wine we find year after year in the cellars of Valle dell’Asso is also sympathetic.

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