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Weingut Hoffmann-Simon Winery
Weingut Hoffmann-Simon Winery

The Winery Hoffmann-Simon is a classic Moselle winery with its 10 ha vineyard area and the typical vine level. Above all, the Riesling dominates with just under 7 ha, which grows partly on flat pebble river terraces on the edge of Piesport and partly in individual locations on the steep slopes along the winding Moselle. The Rieslings have different characteristics according to their positions, and the typical slate tone can be easily documented in the steep wines.

In addition to the flower-scented and mineral Rieslings, well balanced with some residual sweetness, Dieter Hoffmann-Simon also grows Weißburgunder and Müller Thurgau. For some years now, there have also been some Spätburgunder in its plots, which produce graceful red wines.

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