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Organic Wine Company offers a carefully selected range of  fine 100% Organic Wine from Europe and New Zealand. When you buy organic wine you are doing more than buying a healthier wine. You are helping change the way you live in the future. Explore the benefits of Organic wine.

Why choose organic wine? Organic wines VS traditional wines

Certified 100% Organic Wines

Organic growers aim to produce wines that are true to the earth, and to take care of the land we all share. No synthetic chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or herbicides are used. Instead, organic producers are careful cocreators with nature.

Organic foods must be certified before they can be labelled “organic”. Traditional wines are grown with grapes that are usually heavily sprayed with pesticides. Organic wineries do not add flavours such as oak chips to their wines, and use very basic wine making techniques that involves yeast for fermentation. Some traditional wines may be labelled “made with organic grapes”, this means that 70% of their grapes come from organic sources. So it is important when choosing the best wine for your health that you read your labels carefully. All Organic Wine Company wines are 100% certified Organic!

Why Are Organic Wines Healthier Than Traditional Wines?

Wine, no doubt is one of the world’s most loved beverages. One could say that wine is one of life’s simple joys. The French are known for their obsession with wine and enjoy it on a daily basis. When the world is consuming so much wine, it is important that we know what wines are best for our health. As you may be aware, the organic goods market is growing at a very steady pace. A variety of organic wines are now available for consumers to buy. Although organic wines come with a higher price tag as do most organic goods, they also come with increased health benefits. Organic wines have increased health benefits that traditional wines don’t have.

Organic wines are not sprayed with chemicals and pesticides and tend to have greater health benefits, and brighter flavours.
When you buy organic wine you are doing more than buying a healthier wine. You are helping change the way you live in the future. Organic wine is more than a bolder flavour, “Organic wine is produced by farmers who emphasise the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations”, says the USDA.

Organic wines contain less sulphites than traditional wines.
Sulphites are a salts or sulphurous acids that occur naturally in many wines. It is vary rare to find a wine that does not have sulphites. Added sulphites are generally used for preservation of wines. 100% Organic wines are made with no added sulphites. The less sulphites a wine contains, the healthier it will be for your body. Drinking wine in moderation is beneficial to your overall health. Many studies have shown that drinking one glass of wine a day can decrease your chances of heart disease. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion with that perfect glass of wine, or just sitting down and enjoying a glass of wine at your next meal, it is important to choose the best wine for your health. Organic wine provides you with all of the benefits that a traditional wine would give, without harmful pesticides.

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