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The Organic Wine Company  has a wide range of vegan wines available – almost all of our wines are produced vegan. When you buy organic vegan wine you are making a positive choice. You are helping change the way you live in the future. Explore our  Organic vegan wines.

Vegan Wines

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Organic growers aim to produce wines that are true to the earth, and to take care of the land we all share. No synthetic chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or herbicides are used. Instead, organic producers are careful cocreators with nature.

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Organic Wine Comapny

About Our Organic Vegan Wines

Given that wine is the product of grapes and yeast, some may assume that all wines would be appropriate for vegans – but this is very often not the case! The reason not all wines are vegan- or vegetarian-friendly is because wine is clarified (i.e. made clear and bright) via a process called ‘fining’. Traditionally, many winemakers have been using fining agents. The most commonly used are casein (milk protein), albumen (egg white), gelatin (animal protein) and isinglass (fish bladder protein)

Thankfully, there are several common fining agents that are animal-friendly and used to make vegan wine. Carbon, bentonite clay, limestone, kaolin clay, plant casein, silica gel, and vegetable plaques are all suitable alternatives.

The Organic Wine Company has a wide range of vegan wines available – almost all of our wines are produced vegan.


Organic vegan wines are animal friendly and vegan friendly!

No animal products are used in the fining process of wine making.


100% Organically grown grapes. Free from chemicals and pesticides. Organic wine provides you with all of the benefits that a traditional wine would give, without harmful pesticides. A variety of organic wines are now available for consumers to buy. Although organic wines come with a higher price tag as do most organic goods, they also come with increased health benefits. 

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